Tuesday, June 8, 2010

la la land

currently taking it back old school with: gwen stefani - the real thing.  love this song, brings back so many memories <3

back from hong kong, beijing, and ho chi minh city with a teeny bit of a tan, the accomplished feeling of surviving the "wild", and a new appreciation for life and the opportunities im blessed with everyday. it affects you in such a powerful way when you are there and living it and seeing it. i hope i continue to remember and am not easy to forget.

on another note, tomorrow is my 28th birthday!!! this year, i found myself a little more optimistic, versus past years where i would use my birthday as a stopping point to evaluate my life and nit-pick at it. i thought i had escaped it this year, but am finding myself constantly thinking about life in general today. with no conclusions of course - just my head in the clouds and rotating thoughts. geez, my specialty it seems =)

more to come soon

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